Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Quick Fix to Get The Boat Home

As we found out last time the boat looks like a chain smoker and I still needed to get it to my parents cottage. The problem was that the boat would not start with out extra throttle and while trying to shift into gear the engine would choke and die. After recharging the battery I came up with a quick fix so that I could get home I adjusted the throttle linkage to open up the primaries during idle. This allowed me to get the boat home and put it on my makeshift mooring of 4 cinder blocks. Before the carb rebuild my boat did not have a smoking problem. This helps narrow down what the issues is. I think the choke is set wrong and the choke is staying on all of the time. Also, the accelerator pump might need adjusting. The bigger problem is that there is no dock at the cottage and the weather was great for sailing but not for working on boats. Sadly the boat did not get worked on and the next time I will be able to get to the cottage I will be winterizing the boat instead of skiing behind it.

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